Jenny Lind School 1927 - 28 School year

In the picture are:
                                           1.   2.    3.  4.  5.   6.    7.   8.   9.   10.
                                 11.      12               13.      14.      15.      16.

1. Jack Fugitt 2. Leland Schroeder 3.Buddy Meyers 4.Raymond Myers 5.Evelyn Stringer 6.James "J.T." Purviance 7.Elsie Purviance 8.Kenneth Schwoerer 9.Keith Sinclair 10.James Monroe Sinclair ll.Ike Wallace 12.Leroy Sinclair 13.Dorothy Stringer 14. Betty Wallace 15.Wesley Schwoerer 16.Bill Sinclair

As you can tell by looking at the borders, this photo belonged to June Willits who was celebrating her good health at 14 years old. The students are from left to right in the back row, Billy Miller, Dorothy Langford, Virginia Sinclair, Albert Stull, Marion Sinclair, June Willits, Monroe Sinclair, William Newman. In the front, left to right, are Glen Miller, Carmen Derivi, Richard Bacigalupi, Walter Miller, Frank Seppi, Marion Newman.
I have another photo, taken I believe a year later, with pretty much the very same kids in it. I think William Newman has the same shirt on, and it is very dirty as is this one. To Monroe's credit, it apparently didn't bother him a lot that William didn't have clean clothes, even though dressing well was very important to Monroe. To put the whole clothes and dirt thing in perspective, though, this was in the depression and times were really tough, maybe especially in the Jenny Lind area. However, William did have eye glasses in the year-later photo.

John Hofstetter, the last teacher at old Jenny Lind School

I, John Hofstetter, was the last teacher at the old Jenny Lind School in downtown Jenny Lind, where I was born and went to school for grades 1 - 8. Contrary to some reports, I was also the first principal at the new Jenny Lind School, which for a while was on the Valley Springs School campus and is now located as part of an enclave in the Rancho Calaveras subdivision. While still on the VSES campus, Jo McInturf was hired as the principal for the move to the school's new site. The old school was closed by the newly formed Calaveras Unified School District in 1956, and the building was sold to an, "East Indian Herb Doctor", as my mother referred to him. The building burned down a year or two later, but because it had Adobe walls several feet thick, I expected to have the walls as a memento of the school to show my children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, this particular adobe was of a different mix, or after-treatment, because in a couple of winters, the walls had melted into nothingness. If off of Main Street in Jenny Lind, you turn up School Street, and then right on Odd Fellows St. in half a block or so, you will see the Giant Stride pole still in place, the only indication that this had ever been a school.

For a part of the time at Jenny Lind School, my teacher was my mother, Margaret Sinclair Hofstetter, who had also gone to school there. Her father, James Monroe Sinclair was, probably the most famous of the long list of teachers who taught there for the many years of the school's existence. His Wood Shop classes used the lean-to section at the back of the school for a carpentry shop, and later it was used for book and paper storage.

For a picture of the Wood Shop class, their projects, and some comments by a student at the time on discipline, click here

Jenny Lind School circa 1920

Margaret Sinclair Hofstetter, daughter of Monroe Sinclair is in the top row, 3rd from the left.

Note that at this time, the steps came directly out and down from the front entrance. Compare this to any of the later pictures.

Jenny Lind School circa 1930

Pump house on left, flagpole, swing set, school

It doesn't appear the Giant Stride was in place yet. Will be placed directly behind swing set.

Jenny Lind School circa 1930 Note church at end of School Street.

This church was gone by the time I can remember the school which might be about 1938.

My recollection is that my mother said that it had burned.

The school was apparently originally built as an Odd Fellows hall and the cornerstone for that building was clearly in veiw when one looked inside the door that led under the front porch.

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The two articles above are very much alike with the latter having extra detail about the Sinclairs and Hofstetters and our teaching careers.

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