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Picture of Saline, at that time not Ol' Saline, on home page taken in rear view mirror of Travelall in 1976.

Saline and Fritz cooking breakfast for the folks.

Saline, Nicholas and the 79 Terra.
Saline in his photographer mode

Saline, known to most non 4-wheeling folks as John Hofstetter, is a retired teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent. He has been married to Chuckawalla, known to most non 4-wheeling folks as Wanda, for 49 years, as of 2004. However, he stole her out of her crib and he was barely old enough to walk, so consequently neither are as old as those 49 years imply.
John also taught photography as a part-time instructor for many years at Columbia College and has taught travel study and photography classes for a number of universities. These travel study classes were mostly in the deserts of Southern California and most of those were in the Death Valley area.
We, Saline and Chuckawalla, were fortunate enough to find a spring camping oasis in the Panamint Valley and for 25 years or so spent Easter there. Until retirement, we would stay a week with from 25 to 40 ex-students, friends, fellow teachers, photography students, travel study students joining us there for the week . Chuckawalla, known at that time as Chuckwagon, planned and prepared all the meals for the group. After retirement, the stay was extended to 4 to 5 weeks and Chuckwagon, now Chuckawalla, no longer cooked. Now we have a few people join us each week until we approach Easter, when we get a lot of people who are school involved and don't have the luxury of choosing the week they want off.
Our Winter Death Valley Camp is now the Shoshone RV park in Shoshone on the Eastern boundary of Death Valley National Park. Our old and tired bones love the hot pool at Shosnone.

For a large picture of Saline, Dugan, the Terra, and part of Indian Ranch

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Dugan is in the white hat, Saline is the one showing the effects of not enough exercise, and those are the Panamint Mountains in the back. Read more about Indian Ranch and Dugan in the Indian Ranch section of this web site

All right take me to Indian Ranch

John had polio when he was very young and it never interfered much with what he wanted to do, including playing sports, coaching, moderate hiking, and hard physical work. A strange phenomenon called Post-Polio Syndrome has caused considerable deterioration in his ability to get around on foot, so his relationship with his 4-wheel drives has become even more meaningful to him. The closing off of the historic roads in the Death Valley Area by the creation of ever more wilderness area has therefore been particularly distressing to him.

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