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Ol' Saline's 1972 Travelall winching up Surprise Canyon falls, Panamint Mountains, in the spring of 1976, long before Death Valley was made a National Park, and most of the area was closed to all motorized traffic, in spite of the fact that many of these trails were over a 100 years old . Please note that at that time Ol' Saline was just Saline

Yes, it did make it all the way to Panamint City!

Photos by Larry Angier.

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Pictures of burned out Myers Ranch in Goler Wash

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Myers Ranch is just above Barker Ranch in Goler Wash. The ranch house (built of wood ties from the Searles Lake mono-rail), the guest house. and wood shed were completely burned. Spared and still standing are the caretaker's cabin and the garage. In Derek's pictures, you will see the rock swimming pool that sat under the now-burned Cottonwood trees.

These buildings are historic for a number of reasons besides the fact that they were built from the mono-rail that hauled Epsom Salts from Searles Lake over the mountains. The Myers operated the Wildrose Station (gas and food) in my early days in Death Valley.Wanda and I ate some of Mrs. Myers chili on our first trip to Death Valley. Interestingly enough, Wildrose Station which the Park Service never thought belonged there, also burned. I don't remember the year of that burning.

The above pictures are courtesy of Derek Cooper of Ridgecrest

Many thanks to Derek for sharing them with us

While we're talking about Wildrose Station, here is a picture sent to me by a Steve Sample who lived there as a boy and young man. He is sitting by Seldom Seen Slim who had come up from Ballarat because he was not well, and needed to get out of the heat, and probably because he knew about Steve's family's cooking. Steve still marvels at how much food Slim could eat. "Slim" is one of the Panamint Valley legends and I've seen a lot of pictures of him, but this one is unique as far as I am concerned. Thanks, Steve.

Picture of Slim and Steve on Steve's front porch

For a URL with a series of pictures of Slim and some friends, click here These pictures are courtesy of Linda Baldwin from Virginia

The Manson Connection to the Myers Ranch

Charles Manson first came to Goler Wash because the Myers grand-daughter had told him of the isolation and beauty
of Goler Wash. The Myers wouldn't give in easily to Manson taking over the ranch, so the "Family" ended up
at the Barker Ranch just down hill from the Myers Ranch. An attempt was made by Manson to kill Mrs. Myers,
but fortunately for us, the attempt to get to where she was in the city met with car failure.
Mrs. Myers was always a very gracious host to us when she was at the ranch.

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